Self Defense Hub will help you protect yourself, get in shape faster, and be more mentally clear!

Self Defense Overview

Self-defense is an important skill that everyone should learn. You need to be able to defend you and your family if the need arises. Hopefully you will never need these skills, but in the event that you do you will be extremely thankful you took the time to learn them. At the same time, self-defense training has the added bonus of getting you into shape faster and helping you achieve better mental clarity.

Favorite Kinds of Self-Defense

There are many different kinds of self-defense training. Choosing one that will meet your needs is important. As long as the training teaches you the basic techniques like how to escape from certain situations (chokes, holds, punches, kicks, etc) then it should be good enough for what you need.

Training With a Punching Bag

One of the best ways to practice self-defense is to fight with a "punching bag". The bags can take all sorts of punishment and will never complain like a real person. Plus you never have to worry about injuring your training partner. Using a heavy bag for the first time can be a little challenging, but the good news is that it is very easy to learn. Click here to see some very useful tips on how to use a training bag.

Safety First

The most important thing that you should do while practicing self-defense is make sure you are being safe. Yeah, it may be fun to throw some kicks or punches or even flip people over. But without the proper techniques you could really hurt someone. In real life that may be ok if you are defending yourself, but the last thing you want to is hurt your friend or training partner. Remember no matter what you do that you need to be focused on safety.

Self-Defense Is for the Strong

A lot of people think self-defense is really just for weak people. That's nonsense. Self-defense is for anyone and can be used in many different situations. Learning the techniques will help you no matter the situation and may actually help diffuse problems before they occur. Remember that not only will you develop defense skills, you will also get stronger and faster at the same time. Don't listen to the naysayers and instead embrace martial arts training. Here is that link again about great ways you can use a bag

About Us 

We are dedicated to helping people train in martial arts and learn self-defense. We can't promise it will be easy, but we do promise you will be able to better defend yourself and also build endurance and strength. Contact us if you want to learn more about our classes.